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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Local Hero ( UK, 1983) 111´ 09/09/2013

"Mac" Macintyre (Peter Riegert) is a typical 1980s hot-shot executive working for Know Oil and Gas in Huston, Texas. The eccentric chief of the company, Felix Happer (Burt Lancaster) chooes to send him (Largely because his surname sounds Scottish) to Scotland to acquire the village of Ferness to make way for a refinery. Mac (who is actually of Hungarian extraction) is a little apprenhensive about his assignment, complaining to a co-worker that he would much rather take care of business over the phone and via telex machines. 

Bill Forsyth won the Best Director Award at 1983 Bafta.
"It demonstrates Mr. Forsyth´s uncanny ability for making an audience sense that something magical is going on, even if that something isn´t easily explained". Janet Maslin. New York Times. 20/05/2003

See the trailer: 

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