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Friday, 11 December 2009

10th of December "Blackboards" by Samira Makhmalbaf (2000)

“Blackboards” is Samira Makhmalbaf’s second movie which is well received by critics and awarded many prizes in 2000. The screenplay was written by Samira Makhmalbaf and her father Mohsen Makhmalbaf who is also a director.

The story is about two journeys of two teachers in the remote areas of Iran borders with Iraq (Kurdestan) who are desperately searching to find some students. They carry their blackboards on their shoulders and during the way the use them as shelter, splint, stretcher, camouflage and as shields from gunfire.

The life situation, fear and hardship of the people they have met show the irrelevance of education.

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The topics we have discussed on 10th of December:

  • The life situation of Kurds in Iran, Iraq and Turkey
  • Looking for homeland and nationality
  • Surviving needs and poverty
  • Fictions and realities in the movie